Levi's Light Wash 551- 27"


These babies were created in the 1990s since then production has ceased.

Relaxed fit, guarantees a comfortable transition from bum to thigh leaving you with room for activities. We shape our shorts for a flattering yet complementary length from front to back, to prevent showing off too much of your goods.

IMPORTANT: Vanity sizing has changed a few things over the years. It’s important you take 30 seconds and make sure you have an accurate waist measurement to ensure the best fit for you. Sizes reflect actual measurements and are often different than the size marked.


Waist: 27”

Marked: 6

Rise: High

Inseam: 2”

Fly: Zipper

Material: 100% Cotton

Due to the prior love all of our Vintage items have once received, there may be small flaws or discolorations. 

   *Price may vary according to the rarity of the series

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